Tuesday, 29 January 2013

GUEST CAP - street walker

this cap is so sexy . its not one of mine i found it while searching for photos , Those legs are seriously the ones i'd want

Debt Collecting

That ones better

Sexy Cleaning

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today i cant seem to get anything decent on the pictures , hmmm this one i think could have been more detailed


This is the first thing I would do if I woke up and my change had become a reality . who's with me 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tick Tock

snow day

well the snow that was forecasted ARRIVED and brought its family with it while i was at work so i've turned my experience into a caption . UNFORTUNATELY the body change didn't occur

Comments and criticisms encouraged  

Friday, 25 January 2013

Share the wealth

Comments and advice criticisms and everything appreciated and encouraged .

Ive had a good 24 hours a captioner , The Haven is a brilliant place and hope i can pic up some tips

own goal

i think i'm better at the one liners

Same Fate Different Views

I believe that this would be the general mindset of the two genders , I bet the majority of men would love to be a woman even if just for a short time but the majority of women would hate being a man for even 1 second

what does everyone else think

Swimming class

I don't know if i'm being over critical of myself but this caps don't seem to be as good as those on other threads. I know i've only been at it for a few hours but surely they cant be as bad as i'm thinking they are

Unique Views

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Sister Swap

This is my first attempt at a series . it is a lot harder then it looks so KUDOS to all the other caption creators when they do a series

this is my last cap before i go work .ENJOY please comment

DNA Modifier

I saw this picture and the story seemed to flow , Dont want to go to work today as i seen to have found a creative flow that i know will only be disturbed by having to leave this for 8 hours


i since discovered there is a major flaw with the program im using to make these caps .


can anyone advice me on a program to use that has a spell checker ( dsylexia is a problem)


Same Shit different gender

im just going to do a lot of quick captions until i get use to doing them . going to experiment a bit with the formats and stuff to see what works best . . If anyone has any ideas or advice please comment on any cap


just a one sentence quick one to introduce another one of my future storyline .bodyswap island

Jessie's Body

i found this caption while searching through for pictures . sexy underwear

This captions in owned by a VERY SHOCKED sephiroth ( its popular because its simple and good ) :)

Special Delivery

Another quick one from this morning

Night of his life

Here is a quick one i made this morning . COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED

celestial form

Another old one . Any comments are greatly recieved

John's Dress

So here is the first ever caption I made. I know it aint great but i thought id post this one so there was summert


Hey first attempt at a blog so please don't expect anything groundbreaking at first