Thursday, 20 November 2014


So it seems a lot of people are looking and enjoying my work but without adding any comments .

Can I ask everyone to comment on their favorite cap I Have done and then i can see about doing some follow ups or similar caps




  1. Hey Kel,
    Its me Katie again. I know what you're going through with the comments. I went through this not too long ago. You see thousands of people everyday checking your blog and no one comments.
    Its nice to get recognition for the work you put out there. But you have to remember, most of these people are "lurkers" and terrified at the thought that as soon as they break their silence, everyone in the world knows they exist and what their looking at. They have no idea that there is no way for anyone to find out, unless they use their actual name.

    I enjoy your work Kel, and I totally understand your frustration. But you have to think why you are capping. Did you start for your own personal outlet or did you do it for a fan base? If its for you your decision is an easy one, if its the other choice then you have to figure out what's next.

    I hope you are healthy and happy, and I hope you are doing it for you. Because I really enjoy your caps. :)

    xoxoxo Katie Mills

  2. What Katie said is true. I mean myself I am are worried, but there are times when I comment just I feel uneasy about it. I only really comment if I want a request or just find a cap or two I really like and there are a couple I like on your site which are: Sister Swap and So that's why!!. I love Asians guilty as charged and as well as when a brother swaps with his sister its just 2 of my fantasies. Sorry Kel for not commenting.

  3. I enjoy it and its helping with my writing . It helps my dyslexia . I always find mistakes afterwards

    1. I am glad you enjoy it and I hope you continue. Take breaks when you need them and then when you return, we will all be happy you're back.

      I try to comment on everyone's blog every once in awhile. I know how much it means to me when someone posts a comment on my blog. A great cap needs a little praise. :) But sometimes I'm guilty of becoming M.I.A.

      But right now I'm looking forward to your next cap. Keep up the great work.

      xoxoxo Katie

  4. i've commented some o yours captions, but you never answered :(

    1. Not been around for a while

      Sometimes real life is just to hectic

    2. i'm glad to see you again! ;)
      so can you answer my comment?

  5. Thank you for giving an outlet of thoughts. First time reader but, I appreciate your work. Allen

  6. It helps me get through the rough times of nothing in bed and my freak wants out. Thank you so much