Monday, 10 February 2014

Going to try and make a return

I am  going to try and make a return. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP .

requests welcome and much needed . So leave a comment with a request ( however bizarre it seems) and i will have an honest go at it for you .


  1. I like the new captions welcome back.
    don't know if you are looking for whole scenarios or just a theme?
    but I haven't seen a genie cap for awhile I do like wishes gone wrong

  2. How great minds think alike , At work i was thinking of a 3 wish genie OR new scenario of the Morphing Magical Minx or something , Ill have a go and get back to you when ive had a go ,

  3. love the efforts so far!

    if your looking for ideas, ive always enjoyed costume gun caps - with a twist/gone wrong ending leaving them stuck

    -lurker Dan

    1. Ill look at that next time im capping . Just been told im needed at work earlier tomorrow so there goes tonights cap session